Sunday, 15 November 2009

Update on DS's cardigan

004, originally uploaded by The Crafty Ninja

I have just under a month left until DS's 2nd birthday and this is how far I have managed to get with it so far. One of the front pieces is sewn to the back piece, but the other side and the sleeve aren't as yet. I'm about 1/3 of the way through making the second sleeve as well. So far, I'm really pleased with how it's turning out! I think it should fit him for a long time ytet as well - I sized the pattern for age 2-3 years which he wears already, but this seems pretty big so I'll be pleased if he gets a years use out of it!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Facebook, commissions and craft fayres - OH MY!!

Well, I know I said I would update this more often, but it has just totally slipped my mind. I HAVE been doing a fair amount of crafting, I just... well to be honest, I haven't had the motivation to blog it! I was considering joining in NaBloPoMo next month too but I really don't think I'll be able to keep it up! It would defintiely be an inspiration to do more cradfting, which I definitely need to do as I have been invited to hold a stall at my very first Craft Fayre! It's on the 28th November at Hamstreet Village Hall, Hamstreet, Nr Ashford, Kent from 10am-2pm and I'm so excited about it! But, it's half term, and my main focus is keeping the kids - specifically DD - occupied for the week.

Anyway, if you're a regular on my blog, you may have noticed the Facebook fan page link just over there ----> see it? If you click on it, you can become a fan of The Crafty Ninja on Facebook if you aren't already! A few weeks back, I gained my 100th fan - the lovely Kathryn. I offered her a free commission, which she accepted for her mother's birthday. She gave me a little info about her mum - what interests her, etc - and I came up with this:

I have no idea why it's so small, but you can see more pictures of it from after Kathryn received it, her review and a lovely flattering post about me at her own blog Future Queen and her Crafty Ways! A big thank you to Kathryn and everyone who helps support me, you are all fantastic!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I know it's been a while again....

2009-08-12 22.48.08.jpg, originally uploaded by grazedelbows.

This is actually a commission for my sister. Though we are both attending our cousin's wedding on Saturday, she asked me to make her a card. She picked up the embellishments and let me know what colour scheme she wanted, so I rustled this up for her! I'm really happy with how it turned out, especially the sheet of polyester laminate on the top to give it that extra professional edge!

And just to say, that now I have discovered how to use Flickr's editing suite and can upload directly to here, I will almost definitely be blogging more often!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

EDIT: Oh my word - I may actually have to use this now! How nifty is that? I never realised I could post my pictures directly from flickr to the b log! Of course, I'll have to see if I can get the fancy editing and border tools I've used on Photobucket before now, but wow! Colour me impressed!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The bug has bitten!

This last week or so, I have been crafting much more often than is usual for me. Most of the time, unless there is a big occasion coming up, I have no reason to, and the kids rarely permit me to - DS moreso - just because he's 18 months old and wants to be in everything - I think my craft cupboard must be like a treasure trove to him. To me, it's MY treasure - and also a danger to him because of all the scissors, knives and pens lying around.

Anyway, my evenings, I usually spend messing around on facebook. It's my vice, I need to quit. But ANYWAY! I have been crafting. A lot. So here's 3 new projects for you to feast your eyes on!

This is my first one. My DD will be leaving nursery in a few weeks to go on to Primary School (*sniff, sniff* Don't get me started on my baby girl going to school already - it's not true, I won't admit to it *sob*). Ahem, excuse me, sorry. So I rustled up this thankyou card from some freebies in a magazine - but the arrangements and ideas just sort of came to me. I'm really pleased with this one.

These next two are for my older sisters birthday, I don't see her very often but my dad wanted me to pick up a card for her from him too. Pick up a card, me? Screw that, I'll damn well make it myself! I'm really pleased with this first one. I had barely any ideas, they just all came together. I actually had the decoration ideas made up beforehand - then when I looked in my card blanks and found one that was almost the exact colour of the detail - yeah, exactly!

I rushed this one really. I don't know, I just had run out of inspiration for one night. Maybe one card a night is my limit, maybe I will build it up as I get more experience. I don't know, but this is going to have to be labelled: "It'll do".

So hopefully this crafty bug will stay with me for a while and I'll be able to show some more of my creations much more regularly!

Oh and as a last note, I got a brand new 10mp camera recently too, so hopefully my photo quality will be a bit better than has been before!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It's a girl... or TWO!

The ex-DH rang me to say our old next door neighbour had given birth this week to identical twin girls! Of course, I remembered I had LOADS of baby bits in my craft stash, just DYING to be used for something, so I rustled up this little thing! Really pleased with how it turned out and I hope the new parents and their new 5 piece family are enjoying their babymoon!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Update on the cardigan for DS

You may remember I started to make a cardigan for DS a few months ago [see this post, a few images down]. That picture was the back of the cardigan, which now looks like this:

And now, teamed with this [the left front panel]

Shold look a little something like this:

I am now working on the first sleeve, which is the same kind of yarn, but in a contrasting colourway to set off the raglan pattern. Keep watching as I update with more pictures soon!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Darren's card

As many fellow cardmakers know, making cards for men is HARD. It's so easy to find flowers, hearts and butterflies, or any kind of paper or decorations for female orientated cards, but to make a card for a man is a challenge every time! Especially if it's a last minute job. But, I think I was pretty successful with this one. It suited the recipient to a tee and he had to double-take on receiving it - he thought it was shop bought!! I'm really pleased with how this turned out as well.


Thursday, 7 May 2009

A commision, part 1

My brother asked me to make some cards for his friends. The first one, I was told, was for an 18 year old girl who is very girly. I had bought some butterfly peel-offs that day as I'd seen a demonstration using them and acetate to create an effect. I also had bought some polyester sheets [much cheaper than acetate and does the same job ;)] and created this:


You can't tell so much, but the wings have been coloured in with pens too. My brother said his friend would love it - the word he used was "perfect", which made me a little proud :)

The next commision hasn't been started yet, but the other friend is 'girly emo' - so watch this space!

Friday, 24 April 2009

BARGAIN of the year!

I've had a lovely day today. Really, lovely. My DD was off mursery yesterday with earache and still felt under the weather when she woke up today so I kept her off again. As it was such a lovely day, we decided to spend it outside. I'm feeling a bit broke today, but realised that as today is the last Friday of the month, we'd take a trip down to our local Sure-Start Centre where they hold a coffee morning for cloth nappy users. She was happy to have lots of dressing up things and a giant beanbag to play with and DS was happy enough playing with some of the kids his age too. I soon discovered that the two ladies there were also keen crafters and they begun showing off their recent crochet projects! I was stunned - they were AMAZING! I would love to be that talented and it made me feel determined to improve on my knitting and crochet.

After we'd finished, the kids and I set off to town where we had lunch and DD was an angel! We were about to go home, but I felt like I needed to do one more thing, so I told DD I wanted to look in a charity shop and asked her which one we should go to. "The one next to McDonald's!" she told me, so we set off towards the British Heart Foundation.

As she was looking at the toys, I spied a charity sack with some writing on it. "4 for £1" it said. I peeked inside the bag to find it was about half full of different sized balls of yarn, different colours, mostly acrylic, but almost every ball had maybe scraps taken from it - some were clearly old and some were brand new. I asked the lady behind the desk how much for the whole bag. She phoned her manager on the intercom and I was shocked at the reply. "£4 for the bag"! Needless to say, I snapped the whole lot up!

And here is the mega stash in all its glory!

That's TWENTY-SIX separate balls in total. You can NOT say that's not a bargain if you ever saw one! Now, what to make...

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Rob's Birthday

Rob is my kids' dad. We separated very amicably in September last year (Remember the post titled "Pause in Life"? That's what was going on.) and are still great friends. His birthday was in March and I just found his cards. He's forgetful and keeps leaving them here.

This is the one I made for him:

The basics are all bits cut out from kits and various ready made papers, except the bits inside the "pocket" - the pen and mobile phone are cut from scraps of black card and the detail on the phone is cut from plain white paper and hand drawn on by me.

And DD wanted to make a card too, so she chose the colours and I let her pick from my birthday appropriate peel-offs. She stuck them all on herself, though I arranged the letters on the table in the correct order for her. I'm very pleased with her effort!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Hopelessly late...

You may remember I blogged about some swaps I was participating in and promised to post some photos...

Well, this is my apology. I'm a rubbish blogger and just kept forgetting and when I finally remembered, I realised I'd lent my camera to a friend so couldn't take photo's of my outgoing swaps.

However - I really enjoyed both swaps, and now I present to you, my received items from blottedcopybook's Time for Tea Swap. Many apologies to Vonnie who writes that blog as she's been chasing me for ages to blog this but I'm so forgetful. But I'm emailing her as soon as I post this blog up!

My swap partner was Fiona from Scotland [who I believe doesn't have her own blog] and she sent me the above delights - as well as some lovely scottish wafers, which aren't in the pic because my DD and I scoffed them before I got the box home *greedy*. But the items you can see include some lovely patterned paper for my cards, some cupcake shaped stickers, a pack of pink napkins with cupcakes on them, a blue mug, a box of Scottish blend tea [pyramid bags! Oh and the box is empty by this point, the tea was delicious!], a handmade cupcaked-shaped felt pin badge and a handmade miniature felt cup of tea on a keyring!

In my personal life, I am finally starting to get really organised, so hopefully I will be able to keep up with my blog a lot more efficiently!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

It's been a while!

Here's some of what I've been up to!
Firstly, I picked up some wallpaper offcuts from the local DIY store, including a disney princess border. I put one of them into a frame to go onto my 4 year old daughter's bedroom wall.
I also bought a cheap scrapbook from a pound shop - it looked a bit bland so I decorated it up and am going to work on filling it soon. Here's the cover:
And on a book-cover-designing kick, I designed the front cover of a notebook for my daughter as well. What little girl doesn't like, flowers, hearts, pink and GLITTER!!??
I also picked up my knit-sticks again, to make "Little Chuckles" from Issue 27 of Simply knitting Magazine. I have completed a bit more of this now, but here's an earlier WIP photo:
And finally...
Call it a commission if you will, except I'm not getting paid for it ;) My sister asked me to make a card for a 3 year old girl and I rustled up this!

Anyway, very sorry for not keeping up to date with this. I've been very busy with numerous swaps, mainly Blottedcopybook's Time for Tea swap and the Secret Easter Chick Swap Which is being run by the lovely Incy @Incywincystitches - both of which will be blogged after their intended recipients receive them!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I've been slacking, but not in the making dept...

Yeah, I've been slacking in updating this thing, but I have been semi-busy over the last few weeks too!

February 14th was of course Valentine's Day and I created this card for the boyfriend. It wasn't my best piece of work, but the whole thing was my own idea and everything except the backing paper on the inside was hand-drawn/coloured - so it was actually almost 100% handmade. I was pleased with it anyway and I got some pretty good feedback from it.





It was also my best friend's birthday on the 13th. I haven't actually given him this card yet, so I hope he doesn't read this regularly ;) Being a guy, this card took some thought but I really liked the outcome, I hope he does too.

I decided to make a donation to the Crafter...oo Comic Relief Shop at Folksy where all items are handmade by members of the Crafter...oo Craft Forums and all money made from the sales of these items goes to Comic Relief. The following submission was sold last week, but I shall be adding at least one more card to it in the near future, so watch this space!
Please check out the shop and donate to a very worthwhile cause!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Late start to the new year!

First off, Happy Birthday to my very lovely boyfriend, Iain. Here's the card I sent him.

I was in the middle of making him a crocheted cow toy as well, but only got this far:
[That's the head and snout, by the way!]

I also crocheted myself a bracelet - nothing special. Originally, i was following a pattern for some baby bootees but I realised it was going to be far too big, so I finished it there and Voila! A bracelet!

Now I'm concentrating on Valentine's projects and experimenting with heat embossing, stamping, etc. Here's some of the forementioned experiments: