Saturday, 27 February 2010

I'm soooo sorry!

I'm a terrible blogger, I really am. And you are all welcome to punish me. Facebook has been my main source of self-promotion, so if you want to see what's been going on, click the become a fan link just over on the right hand side of this post!

My last post was about the cardigan I knitted for DS. I managed to complete all parts of it, but I got really lost trying to do the button and buttonhole band, but my OH's mum is also a keen knitter and she has offered to complete that part and sew it up for me! So once it is done, I will get another picture uploaded. I just hope it will still fit him when it's done - he's 2 now and his age 2-3 clothes are getting small already!

I've also been knitting a few small toys. I made DS a small teddy which went down very well! DD now wants one too, but I'm making her a ragdoll which I'm sure she will love even more. At this point, all I have to do is knit the second section of her dress before sewing, stuffing and embellishing!

And I promised I'd update on the craft fair I did towards the later part of last year. For me, it was successful, but I could have done better! I had about 40 cards set out on the table, all OOAK and the table cost me £5 for 2 hours, which wasn't too bad, was only a small village thing. But two tables down from me was another cardmaking stand with 4 owners who were all making cards as thy sat there and had huge filing boxes full of cards. And there was me on my tod with a pair of scissors! So most people were buying from them which was disconcerting as I knew how much work I had put into each and every card. I did, however, sell 5 cards making £8 in total - a profit of £3. Not great, but it was a start!

I now have a Cuttlebug die-cutting machine too and I am hoping to get more organised soon and be able to churn out a few more designs :) For now, I'm sticking cardmaking on a backburner as a hobby.

Sorry again for not updating sooner!