Sunday, 25 January 2009

Late start to the new year!

First off, Happy Birthday to my very lovely boyfriend, Iain. Here's the card I sent him.

I was in the middle of making him a crocheted cow toy as well, but only got this far:
[That's the head and snout, by the way!]

I also crocheted myself a bracelet - nothing special. Originally, i was following a pattern for some baby bootees but I realised it was going to be far too big, so I finished it there and Voila! A bracelet!

Now I'm concentrating on Valentine's projects and experimenting with heat embossing, stamping, etc. Here's some of the forementioned experiments:

1 comment:

Glamglass said...

The card is fab!! Bet he loved it!!
Shame about the snout!! I am surre you will finish it at some point!!