Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Update on the cardigan for DS

You may remember I started to make a cardigan for DS a few months ago [see this post, a few images down]. That picture was the back of the cardigan, which now looks like this:

And now, teamed with this [the left front panel]

Shold look a little something like this:

I am now working on the first sleeve, which is the same kind of yarn, but in a contrasting colourway to set off the raglan pattern. Keep watching as I update with more pictures soon!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Darren's card

As many fellow cardmakers know, making cards for men is HARD. It's so easy to find flowers, hearts and butterflies, or any kind of paper or decorations for female orientated cards, but to make a card for a man is a challenge every time! Especially if it's a last minute job. But, I think I was pretty successful with this one. It suited the recipient to a tee and he had to double-take on receiving it - he thought it was shop bought!! I'm really pleased with how this turned out as well.


Thursday, 7 May 2009

A commision, part 1

My brother asked me to make some cards for his friends. The first one, I was told, was for an 18 year old girl who is very girly. I had bought some butterfly peel-offs that day as I'd seen a demonstration using them and acetate to create an effect. I also had bought some polyester sheets [much cheaper than acetate and does the same job ;)] and created this:


You can't tell so much, but the wings have been coloured in with pens too. My brother said his friend would love it - the word he used was "perfect", which made me a little proud :)

The next commision hasn't been started yet, but the other friend is 'girly emo' - so watch this space!