Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The bug has bitten!

This last week or so, I have been crafting much more often than is usual for me. Most of the time, unless there is a big occasion coming up, I have no reason to, and the kids rarely permit me to - DS moreso - just because he's 18 months old and wants to be in everything - I think my craft cupboard must be like a treasure trove to him. To me, it's MY treasure - and also a danger to him because of all the scissors, knives and pens lying around.

Anyway, my evenings, I usually spend messing around on facebook. It's my vice, I need to quit. But ANYWAY! I have been crafting. A lot. So here's 3 new projects for you to feast your eyes on!

This is my first one. My DD will be leaving nursery in a few weeks to go on to Primary School (*sniff, sniff* Don't get me started on my baby girl going to school already - it's not true, I won't admit to it *sob*). Ahem, excuse me, sorry. So I rustled up this thankyou card from some freebies in a magazine - but the arrangements and ideas just sort of came to me. I'm really pleased with this one.

These next two are for my older sisters birthday, I don't see her very often but my dad wanted me to pick up a card for her from him too. Pick up a card, me? Screw that, I'll damn well make it myself! I'm really pleased with this first one. I had barely any ideas, they just all came together. I actually had the decoration ideas made up beforehand - then when I looked in my card blanks and found one that was almost the exact colour of the detail - yeah, exactly!

I rushed this one really. I don't know, I just had run out of inspiration for one night. Maybe one card a night is my limit, maybe I will build it up as I get more experience. I don't know, but this is going to have to be labelled: "It'll do".

So hopefully this crafty bug will stay with me for a while and I'll be able to show some more of my creations much more regularly!

Oh and as a last note, I got a brand new 10mp camera recently too, so hopefully my photo quality will be a bit better than has been before!

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