Sunday, 23 November 2008

A long one today!

First off, some older stuff today.

A birthday card for my dads 64th birthday

A christmas card

Another christmas card made with a 'Me to you' craft set

Some WIP's - I'm not sure I like the gift one yet.

And just for funsies - my not-so-organised crafting area - it's a large under-stair cupboard which is doubling at the moment as a Christmas present hiding place, so it's rather more cramped than usual!
EIGHT drawers of stuff!

And a large box with all my plain cardstock and magazines - the plastic zip bag at the bottom currently has all my christmas papers and bits in it - I'm forever looking for them so I put them all together!

There you go, nice long entry for once!

1 comment:

DazzleMea said...

Those are really good! I especially like the first two. I think the "gift" card would be really cute for a younger child.